DoM PLP COVID19 Inpatient Infographic

8.5" x 11" poster

Stethoscope & Goggles Cleaning Protocol

8.5" x 11" poster

Code Blue (AGMP) Cue Card & Algorithm

Pocket-size cue card

8.5" x 11" Algorithm poster

PLP Zoom Guides

Zoom User Manual

Zoom Virtual Visit Patient Manual

Cefazolin can be safely given to patients with any β-lactam allergy


Download Here

Surgical prophylaxis for patients with a listed β-lactam antibiotic allergy

Surgical Prophylaxis

Download Here

Classifying reactions to β-lactam antibiotics

Surgical prophylaxis

Download Here

β-lactam antibiotic allergy

Download Here

Bowel Preparation

Patient Bowel Prep Tool

A & F Self-Reflection Guide

Audit & Feedback

UTI Tool for Patients

Audit & Feedback

UTI Tools for Physicians

UTI Algorithm 

Urine Results Tool

"Symptom free let it be" Poster

Urine testing pocket card

Proton Pump Inhibitor Tools

Longterm PPI best practices

PPI shared decision making

PPI patient poster




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