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About Us

Our Vision

All Alberta physicians will care for patients in a supportive culture, driven by evidence-informed, reflective practice improvement.

Our Mission

The PLP creates actionable clinical information by engaging with physicians, teams, patients, and partners to co-create sustainable solutions to advance practice.

To effect meaningful change and advance practice, we need an engaged approach based on the principles of implementation science, knowledge translation, quality improvement, medical education, behaviour change, and human-centered design. We partner and collaborate with system stakeholders, interdisciplinary physicians, and their clinical teams who have an intimate knowledge of the barriers that their patients and communities face. By leveraging their clinical expertise, we can better understand and mobilize emergent solutions, and jointly craft innovative new ways to advance practice.

PLP projects are eligible for the following:

  1. RCPSC MOC Section 3 Credits for Assessment (Knowledge Assessment) Activities: These refer to programs approved by Royal College accredited CPD provider organizations that provide data with feedback to individual physicians regarding their current knowledge base, enabling the identification of needs and development of future learning opportunities relevant to their practice. These programs are eligible for accreditation at 3 credits per hour.

  2. CFPC Mainpro+ Credits for Assessment Activities: These refer to projects offered by PLP such as practice audits, QA/QI programs, linking learning to assessment, etc.


Get in Touch

If you have questions or would like to get involved in a PLP project, please contact us.

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