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Less is Best: Provincial Spread of Bronchiolitis Appropriate Care in Alberta

Bronchiolitis is a common viral illness in infants under 12 months and is a leading cause of hospitalization. Despite guidelines suggesting otherwise, certain diagnostic tests and medications are frequently used in the management of bronchiolitis, both in the emergency department and during hospital stays.

In response to this issue, PLP, in collaboration with the AHS Maternal Newborn Child and Youth (MNCY) SCN and AHS IHOT, launched a program aimed at improving the management of bronchiolitis. The program, delivered virtually, has reached 491 healthcare professionals in 28 sessions held at 16 locations across all five provincial zones.

In one season of follow-up, decreases in low-value tests are already emerging. In emergency department settings, the chest x-ray rate reduced from 34.5% to 25.0%, and from 17.4% to 8.0% for inpatient settings.

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