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Register Now! 2024 PLP Summit

Summit Overview

The PLP Summit celebrates the impact of 15 years of partnership and collaboration across the care continuum to implement improvement initiatives in complex adaptive health systems. The Summit will explore how to leverage a supportive team-based culture using clinical information to drive improvement and be a positive influence as part of the bigger health system evolution.

Summit Objectives 

Enhance patient care through:

  1. Fostering partnerships and encouraging ongoing collaborations with key stakeholders, including physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, community partners, and administrators, for understanding problems and co-creating sustainable improvement solutions

  2. Highlighting improvement methodologies and their impact on the healthcare landscape

  3. Illustrating how user-focused approaches contribute to the successful integration of clinical information and evidence into practice

Who should attend?

Physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, community partners, and administrators who are interested in making the future of healthcare more sustainable and healthy for patients and physicians.

Register Here

If you have any questions, please email:

Physician Learning Program

This symposium was co-developed with the Physician Learning Program of the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance.

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