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Mental Health


4-Part Webinar Series
Following the Spark: Actionable Strategies to Untangle the Complexities of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This webinar series addresses the topics of autism, neurodevelopmental and rare disorders. Each session is framed within the context of case-based discussions with particular emphasis on identifying strategies, theoretical knowledge, and actionable recommendations.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize signs of autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions

  • Explain the recommendations for genetic testing being the
    standard of care after an autism diagnosis

  • Explore the connection between child's health and care providers


Session 1: Recognizing and Diagnosing Autism and Neurodevelopmental Conditions

February 2024 | Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Karen Kelm




Session 2: Precision Medicine and Genetic Recommendations After a Diagnosis of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Conditions


February 2024 | Dr. Daniel Moreno De Luca, Karen Kelm




Session 3: Navigating Care Across the Lifespan


March 2024 | Dr. Ade Orimalade, Dr. Prajjita Bardoloi, Grant Bruno





Session 4: Panel Discussion - Supporting Individuals and Families


March 2024

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