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The PLP Summit celebrated the impact of 15 years of partnership and collaboration across the care continuum to implement improvement initiatives in complex adaptive health systems. The Summit explored how to leverage a supportive team-based culture using clinical information to drive improvement and be a positive influence as part of the bigger health system evolution.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us and contributed to the discussions. Let’s continue to drive change in healthcare together!

2024 Schedule



​Victor M. Montori, MD

Shared Decision Making as a Method of Care

“Careful and kind care for all”

Dr. Montori shared his expertise and passion surrounding the power of shared decision making (SDM) in the translation of evidence-based medicine into patient-centered care. He explained how SDM tools can support patient-centred care and described what can be expected from implementing a program of SDM in practice.

Dr. Montori is the Robert H. and Susan M. Rewoldt Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. An endocrinologist, health services researcher, and care activist, he is the author of more than 750 peer-reviewed publications and is among the most cited researchers in clinical medicine and in social science. He is a recognized expert in evidence-based medicine, shared decision making, and minimally disruptive medicine. He works in Rochester, Minnesota, at Mayo Clinic’s KER Unit, to advance person-centered care for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions. He is the author of the book Why We Revolt: A Patient Revolution for Careful and Kind Care


Plenary Sessions

From fostering strong partnerships to health data interoperability, our plenary presenters profiled some of the work they’re doing to drive improvement and be a positive influence as part of the bigger health system evolution:

Unity in Community: How the Inner City Health and Wellness Program Centers Partners in Advancing Practice
Presenter(s): Ginetta Salvalaggio, Shanell Twan


Fostering Partnerships and Encouraging Ongoing Collaborations: The Story of CCAB
Presenter(s): Puneeta Tandon


Improving Practice: Data, People, and Process
Presenter(s): Donna Manca


Dis-Connected Care
Presenter(s): Ewan Affleck

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Fishbowl Presentations

Posters of distinction were presented fishbowl style; attendees gathered for small group discussions highlighting some of the important quality improvement work being done in Alberta:

What Matters Most to Albertans from Rural, Remote, or Isolated Communities When Returning Home After Being Hospitalized
Presenter(s): Gary Semeniuk, Kim Giroux

Collaborating with Patients and Caregivers to Create Web-Based Educational Resources for People Affected by Cirrhosis
Presenter(s): Ashley Hyde

Repurposing the Ordering of Routine Laboratory Tests in Hospitalised Medical Patients (RePORT): Results of a Randomised Stepped-Wedge Quality Improvement Study
Presenter(s): Douglas Woodhouse

Increased Primary Care Continuity Associated with Decreased Hospitalizations and Emergency Visits in Patients Living with Diabetes in Alberta: A Population-Based Retrospective Analysis
Presenter(s): Terrence McDonald

The Use of a Disease Risk Calculator to Improve the Continuum of Care in Prostate Cancer Screening
Presenter(s): Todd McMullen

DECIDE Communication Approach: A Novel Approach to Increase the Quality and Quantity of Vaccination in Pregnancy Communication
Presenter(s): Medea Myers-Stewart, Eliana Castillo

Improving the Use of Cardio-Kidney-Protective Medications in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease in Alberta
Presenter(s): Darren Lau

Enhancing the Use of Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in Alberta
Presenter(s): Allison Soprovich

Aligning Policy and Building Capacity for Quality Improvement: The Chinook PCN - Edmonton PLP AQI Ongoing Partnership
Presenter(s): Eric Wiedenman

The Reshape T1D Study: Unravelling the Voices of Resilience in Type 1 Diabetes Healthcare Experiences in Alberta
Presenter(s): Jamie Boisvenue

Navigating Complexity with Rapid Ethnography: An Exploration of the Acute Care Bundle Improvement Initiative in Alberta Health Services
Presenter(s): Rhyann McKay


Reducing Avoidable Blood Transfusions in Patients Admitted to Critical Care and High-Risk Surgical Units: A Stepped-Wedge, Population-Based Implementation Trial
Presenter(s): Jamie Sara Pretzlaff, Kate Vogelaar, Sampson Law

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The PLP Edmonton and Calgary offices held workshops to share the PLP approach to addressing complex healthcare challenges:

Embracing Complexity, Advancing Medical Practice, and the Need for Wicked Teams 
Presenter(s): Nonsikelelo Mathe, Karen Hunter, Denise Campbell-Scherer


Choosing Wisely and the Physician Learning Program: Partnering to Move from Recommendations to Implementation 
Presenter(s): Kelly Burak, Douglas Woodhouse, Sampson Law, Eliana Castillo

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Poster Presentations

Explore the poster presentations here

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