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Optimizing a data dashboard for Calgary Emergency Departments

Health administrative data dashboards have the potential to provide  clinicians with timely information that can positively affect their  practice.





Emergency Medicine

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Project Partners

  • All Calgary zone emergency departments

  • Emergency Medicine SCN

Project Leads

Dr. Eddy Lang, Academic Department Head and an Associate  Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Cumming School  of Medicine, University of Calgary, and the Clinical Department Head for  Emergency Medicine, Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services

Dr. Lara Cooke, Associate Dean Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development, University of Calgary

Dr. Shawn Dowling, Medical Director - Speciality Medicine, Physician Learning Program, University of Calgary

Research Associate - Laura Rivera


The Department of Emergency Medicine, Calgary Zone has developed and implemented numerous data dashboards with a breadth of administrative and clinical metrics.  PLP has been working to help determine emergency physicians’ perceptions of the dashboard, and promote its use.

Innovation and Evaluation Methods

We will use an email push-strategy to disseminate detailed and executive summary data reports to all emergency physicians. The report will include a subset of metrics included in the dashboard:

  • Visits seen per hour

  • 72 hour re-admission

  • Median PIA to consult time

  • Median PIA to discharge time

  • % of visits consulted for admission actually admitted

  • % of visits with CT

  • Sepsis median PIA to antibiotic time

  • % of visits with IV therapy

  • Median reassess to acknowledgement time

The evaluation will use mixed-methods. First, we will disseminate a survey with the e-mail reports to determine:

  • Which metrics are perceived to be interesting, clinically relevant, and valid

  • User ability to navigate the report

  • Any actions anticipated to occur as a result of seeing the data

  • The likelihood of visiting the dashboard having received the e-mail report

We will then conduct a focus group at the ED physician retreat to probe the themes to emerge from the survey.



The ultimate goal of this work is to use the feedback gathered to optimize the next iteration of the dashboard in order to more optimally support physician learning and facilitate appropriateness of clinical practice.

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