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2-Part Webinar Series
Managing Obesity in Primary Care 

Session 1: Screening and Assessment


April 2022 | Dr. Denise Campbell-Scherer

Learning Objectives

  • Identify obesity as a chronic disease

  • Identify patients living with obesity in need of intervention

  • Perform comprehensive obesity assessments that identify root causes and care priorities









Session 2: A Collaborative Approach to Management & Therapeutic Options


April 2022 | Dr. Denise Campbell-Scherer

Learning Objectives

  • Support patients to understand how their comorbidities and personal context are related to their obesity management

  • Select therapeutic approaches (lifestyle, medication, surgery, behavioural) to help patients develop personalized plans

  • Apply the 5As of Obesity Management in interdisciplinary team care

Framework Used in the Adult Obesity Guidelines: 5As Framework for Obesity Management in Adults

AdobeStock_209621613 (1).jpeg

Virtual Obesity Course: Learn How to Help Your Patients Living With Obesity

Guide to Consultations With Your Patients: 5As Toolkit for Improving Prevention and Management in Primary Care  

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