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Hepatitis C

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2-Part Webinar Series
Hit the Road, Hep C.....and Don't You Come Back No More....!

Session 1: Screening for Hepatitis C Virus in Primary Care


March 2024 | Dr. Mat Rose

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) can cause severe liver disease including cancer if untreated. Highly effective and simple HCV treatments are available to cure HCV, yet individuals in Alberta continue to die every year from HCV-associated liver disease. You will learn how to shift gears with your HCV management, from identification of those at risk through post-cure follow-up.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify populations that should be screened based on risk factors

  • Describe the risks and recommendations about screening in primary care
    Interpret the screening test results and inform patients appropriately





Session 2: Managing and Referral in Primary Care


March 2024 | Dr. Mat Rose

Learning Objectives

  • Determine why and when a referral is needed, and where patients should be referred

  • Discuss treatment basics and follow-up plan with your patient
    Recognize patients who require more intensive follow-up

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