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Food Insecurity


2-Part Webinar Series
Household Food Insecurity Webinar Series

Session 1: Navigating Household Food Insecurity in Primary Care: A Nutrition Guideline


November 2023 | Dr. Richard Lewanczuk, Kally Chung & Shawna McGhan

Learning Objectives

  • Explain why household food insecurity is important to patients, community and clinics

  • Describe how the AHS Nutrition Guidelines can support your work with patients experiencing food insecurity





Session 2: Strengthening Foundations for Patients Facing Household Food Insecurity: Experience of a Primary Care Clinic


November 2023 | Kally Cheung, Dr. Joseph Ojedokun, Lacey Smoole, Shawna McGhan

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the key enablers for clinics as they shift their practice and patient conversations towards addressing food insecurity

  • Discuss the importance of community connections in helping our patients address household food insecurity

  • Identify the resources, training and tools available as you work as a team

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