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2-Part Webinar Series
Managing Depression and Anxiety in the Community: An Integrated Treatment Approach

Session 1: Beyond DSM: Individualized Medicine & Integrated Care

October 2023 | Dr. Yakov Shapiro

Learning Objectives

  • Apply a wellness-based model for the treatment of depression and anxiety that incorporates both evidence-based principles of care and treatment algorithms

  • Develop an individualized treatment plan by assessing objective, subjective, and relational factors contributing to the illness and its resolution





Session 2: Working as a Community Team: A Case-Based Approach


October 2023 | Dr. Yakov Shapiro

Learning Objectives

  • Implement a systemic approach to psychopathology within an interdisciplinary team environment that both supports and empowers the patient as an intentional agent

  • Explore quality improvement initiatives to facilitate mental health support in the community

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