Sepsis in the ED: Emergency Physician Recognition and Treatment

Proper diagnosis and time to administering antibiotic treatment are  critical factors determining the outcome of patients admitted to the  emergency department.  Calgary zone emergency physicians received data  on their time from diagnosis of sepsis to the time an appropriate  antibiotic therapy was administered.


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What is the project about?

The ‘Sepsis in the Emergency Department’ report provided  Calgary ED physicians with information over a three-year period  2011-2013 about their management of patients with severe sepsis and  similar data from an aggregate of all Calgary emergency physicians data.  This will include:

  • Time from physician sign-up to initial lactate test ordered  (initial lactate orders include those ordered by nursing under the  Sepsis Protocol)

  • Time from physician sign-up to first antibiotics requested

  • Time from initial lactate result to first antibiotics requested by ED physicians

  • Individual ED physician’s order set usage profile for antibiotics ordering

  • Individual ED physician’s blood culture test ordering profile for severe sepsis patients.

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Presentation by Dr. Marc Francis on “Antibiotics in Severe Sepsis – Time is of the Essence”

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Frequently Asked

How Will You Protect My Data?

The report will be  generated by the Physician Learning Program (PLP) using Alberta Health  Services (AHS) Sunrise Clinical Manager data-sets. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance; this data is strictly for your use and  reflection. PLP Data reports on individual participating physicians are never shared with AHS, department heads, regulatory bodies or other stakeholders.


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